Rocket City Gun Club's first NAAGA Members meeting was held on November 12, 2020 in Huntsville, Alabama.  President Trent Bennett Welcomed all and led in prayer.  Vice President David McNair addressed RCGC membership sign up and prices: Individual cost is $75 a year, Couples $100 a year, Family (of 4) $150 a year, lifetime membership $1,000 single onetime payment.  Find more information on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @Rocketcitygc.  President Trent introduced Alabama State USCCA Representative Bri Keaney.  She spoke on what USCCA is and how to be a member:  USCCA is not only self-defense liability insurance it’s also education and training. If you don’t win the fight and live to tell the tale you don’t need an attorney and you don’t go to court.  Our first goal is to stay alive in those self-defense incidents and protect ourselves.  When a self-defense incident happens first thing you need to do is call 911 even if you do not have to use our weapon.  What to say to 911 if you have to use force to protect yourself?  I feared for my life I was attacked, I defended myself please send police and ambulance. After you call the police you call USCAA and explain to them what happened. Once Police arrives request an Attorney and exercise your right to remain silent. What you get with USCCA self-defense liability insurance: $2,250,000 in legal protection which covers Criminal and civil attorney, that is for a PI, expert witness, and bail in all 50 states. You also get online drill, education, and training. Members of NAAGA. get 15% discount because USCCA is partners with NAAGA as a national organization. You get a 365 money back guarantee Question from attendee: Can you go over what you guys offer versus the other insurance companies?  What separates USCCA from other companies is they cover civil side and they don’t.  Pres Trent announced next day basic pistol class, spots availability and what you need as far as license for the range. He now introduces the next speaker Tanea McClean Founder, CEO and lead instructor of SURREAL self-defense.  Tanea McClean speaks about what she does.  She started with empty hand self-defense and worked her way to firearms.  She a certified fire arms instructor, a member of USCAA and training counselor.  She’s technically the second black woman to become a training counselor with USCCA.  Pres Trent gives new member presentation of NAAGA and its mission with slides.  After slides he opens the floor up for questions and concerns. First question: when we have classes at the range are we going to focus on certain guns on certain range days, such as first class hand guns second class shotguns and next riffles? Answer: Most people here have some sort of experience with guns those that don’t we will be starting off with basic hand gun class and then move onto different guns. We will keep everyone updated on future classes and topics.  Pres Trent addresses the atmosphere of the organization: We are a community we will not bash each other if and when we disagree we will do so as adults and agree to disagree. If you need help in Rocket City's first NAAGA Members meeting, 12 November 2020.  President Trent Bennett knowledge of a gun for you and need someone to go with you to purchase one please feel free to reach out to one of us we will make time to go with you.  President Trent welcomes Alabama State director of NAAGA, Mr.  Brandon K. Jerald to address the room: He speaks about his start in the Iron City Chapter of Birmingham, Alabama.  He saw a news clip about NAAGA.  He went to look for a chapter near him but there was none so he created one. His goal is to have multiple regions in Alabama. He will be instructing a basic self-defense class on 12 December 2020 along with Tanea and his PR which are all certified instructors.  Pres Trent closes out the meeting. Meeting participants then departed for the Swan Creek Firing Range.

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