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My "tricked out" Marlin XT 22 with scope, bipod and 25 round magazine. Note: The magazine was made originally for the Marlin Model 795 and Marlin Model 70 and not the Marlin XT 22. All three rifles have virtually the same exact action and are .22 cal LRs. I had to take a fine metal file and grind down three small tips on top and sides of the polyurethane magazine so it would seat in the rifle mag well, correctly. I found out the method for this modificaton from a You Tube video. Took me less than 40 minutes, as I would file away a little bit of plastic, stop, insert the mag to test and make sure I didn't file away too much. If I had a micrometer gauge I could have just measured, filed and it would have been a 15 minute job. However, I didn't want to take a chance and destroy a $20 magazine by being too aggressive while filing the plastic tips. Made in the USA.

I can reach out and touch anything I can see up to 350 yards with the Marlin XT 22. I have done it, already. Yes, it surprised me too.

Below is my modified Marlin Model 60 (see the original brown wood stock) replaced with an ATI synthetic stock, scope and bipod. I can get off 18 rounds from the tube-fed magazine +1 in the chamber in less than 10 seconds or as fast as I can pull the trigger. It is a semi-auto rifle not an automatic!. I do like that kind of rapid fire power!! Can hit anything I can see up to 275 yards with the scope. Made in the USA.

Ordered this Heritage 9 round revolver on-line from Last Resort Ranges in Madison, AL right after Christmas. Finally received it today (Jan 23, 2021) I have a friend who has a Heritage revolver and he let me shoot it. I was impressed. I liked the price, it is a 9 round, single action and is a .22 Cal LR; so it is relatively cheap to shoot. I did my research and it is a well designed and engineered weapon modelled after the Model 1873 "Peacemaker" Colt 45 Revolver. (10) Heritage Rough Rider 22LR / 22 Magnum - YouTube It has received very good customer reviews. It is just not practical for me to shoot up my larger caliber (and much more expensive!) ammo during this so-called "Ammo Drought". The specific amount of 9mm and 12 gauge ammo I have now for my home defense weapons is reserved strictly for the "bad guys". This attractive revolver seems to be a potentially great weapon for new shooters who don't want to initially sink $600-700 into a weapon they may not be comfortable with or later decide they don't like. I like the low recoil and especially the low price to shoot. 22 cal LR ammo is now going for around $5-8 or less for a box of 50 rounds or about $25 for a box of 500 factory loaded rounds. It takes me back to my "Cowboy and Indian" shoot 'em up days as a kid!! Gun Review: Heritage Rough Rider .22 Revolver - The Truth About Guns Made in the USA.

I bought a 25 round ProMag magazine for this rifle. Had to make some minor mods to the mag to make it fit properly. (See the tricked out version, above) I know it looks weird with a banana mag on a bolt-action rifle. The rifle came with just one (1) 7-round magazine! I had to go online to find extra magazines. I love Marlin rifles. I have posted some pictures of my now tricked out Marlin Model XT-22 with scope, banana magazine and bipod, above. Paid about $180 for the rifle (on sale), $90 for the scope, $40 for the bipod and $20 for the banana magazine. I put the original scope (in the illustration, above) on the Marlin Model 60 with an ATI stock. Note: Marlin was recently acquired by Remington and then Remington was acquired by Ruger. Lucky I downloaded copies of the Marlin XT 22 original User Manual. Ruger is supposedly gong to resume production of the Marlin XT 22 under the Marlin name next summer. If anyone has a Marlin Model 60 for sale or knows where I can purchase a used one, please let me know. You can reach me at: or text me at 938-900-2620. Finally, I had both rifles bore-scoped at Academy Sports in Madison. They will bore scope any rifle you bring them for FREE. Made in the USA.

I use this for "plinking" and target practice. Paid $400 for it. I really wanted the new Taurus XT 22 .22 cal as a practice pistol, but couldn't find one. Sold out everywhere. Decided I probably couldn't go too wrong with a Glock. The G44 is virtually the same weapon as the Glock 19 (which is a 9 mm). The Glock 19 is the standard weapon of many police forces these days and what my son (a Maryland State Trooper) carries. The G44 is the exact same size, but much lighter than the Glock 19. Everything except the barrel and slide action is polymer or plastic. The Glock is originally an Austrian weapon design, however mine was made by Glock-USA in the USA (Georgia).

I use this for my upstairs home protection. This is the best all-around 9 mm I have ever owned and that includes the Sig Sauer P320, which costs about $1300 and change. I had a Sig a few years back but when offered $1800 for it I sold it. They were very popular then and gun stores could not keep them in stock. My TP9SF FDE only cost me about $550 and I remain convinced it is as good a weapon quality-wise as the Sig. I like the full dark earth (FDE) color scheme because it reminds me of the sidearm I carried while TDY in Iraq. Magazine holds 20 rounds. Made to US and NATO mil specs. It is big, heavy and very accurate. It is so heavy that the recoil is relatively slight. You still gotta hold it tight because it will get away from you. I can throw it at an intruder, if I have no hits after 20 rounds!! It is the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish National Police standard side arm. Made in Turkey.

I like its small size, while carrying something with the stopping power of a 9mm. Paid about $250 for it. This is my church gun. Been carrying it to Church and Bible Study (concealed carry) ever since the killings of Black worshippers at Mother Emanuel Church in South Carolina, a few years back. Holds 10 rounds. I just added a RM LSR Picitinny Rail-Mounted Red Dot Laser Sight under the barrell to this weapon. I now have another concealed carry weapon. Made in Brazil.

I replaced the wooden stock of this rifle with an Advanced Technology Fiberforce synthetic stock. ($70.00) See the following YouTube video (8) Marlin Model 60 stock replacement P2 - YouTube A picture of it is posted above of. The picture above is the this tricked out version of my old Marlin Model 60. Now, I am looking for another Marlin Model 60 (used or from a pawn shop) that I will replace the stock with a Badger M22 Bullpup stock. Here is the installation video that I will use as a guide, (8) Installation of BADGER M-22 to Marlin Model 60 Rifle with Gary Morris - YouTube I love the Marlin M60. It was the first rifle I owned at age 13, as a gift from my father!! He paid about $30 dollars for it from Western Auto. (That was big money back then!!!) I paid about $150 for this replacement Marlin Model 60, about 5 years ago. Went back home a few years ago and couldn't find the original one in my Dad's garage. I wonder what ever happened to it? It has a 18 round tube-fed magazine under the barrel. Made in the USA.

My downstairs home protection weapon. The Akkar Churhill 612 Pump. I am an active and enthusiastic member of the RCGC since November 2020. I can be reached at // Tel: 938-900-2620. Paid $250 for it. Holds 4+1 in the chamber. Made in Turkey.


Latest addition to my collection is the Savage Mark II .22cal LR Minamilist Green with an added scope and bipod. (March 22, 2021)

Mark II Minimalist Green | Minimalist Series | Savage Arms

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