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Can I bring family members with me to the shooting range?  YES, BUT THEY ARE SUBJECT TO THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE FIRING RANGE VISITED.

Is there an age limit for membership in the Rocket City Gun Club?   YES. MEMBERSHIP IS FOR ALL WHO ARE 18 YEARS AND OLDER.

Does NAAGA or the RCGC have any professional affiliation with any other Gun Club or association?     NO.

How often does the RCGC conduct shooting sessions at local firing ranges?  THERE IS NO SPECIFIC NUMBER OF SESSIONS.  WE WILL TRY TO VISIT A RANGE A MINIMUM OF TWICE MONTHLY.

Are there any type of firearms ownership restrictions I should follow?  NO.  ONE SHOULD SEEK TO OWN, OPERATE AND MAINTAIN A SAFE WEAPON IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAWS OF  THE STATE OF ALABAMA.

Suppose I would like to have a RCGC member accompany me to a firing range to shoot.  What should I do?  SIMPLY CONTACT A RCGC MEMBER AND REQUEST THEY ACCOMPANY YOU TO A RANGE TO SHOOT AND PRACTICE.