Welcome to the Rocket City Gun Club (RCGC) website. We are a subordinate chapter of the National African American Gun Association, (NAAGA).  We are responsible for the northern Alabama area.  We invite you to spend some time reviewing the website to get familiar with our goals and objectives.  After you have done that, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other NAAGA and or RCGC members.  I can be reached by phone at: 256-288-9034.  We also have a FaceBook presence.  We can be reached by e-mail at: rocketcitygunclubNAAGA@gmail.com.  This web site address is: https://rcgc.online.  Feel free to tell others about us.   Respectively, Trent Bennett - Preseident, RCGC 


The mission of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is to establish a fellowship by educating on the rich legacy of gun ownership by African Americans, offering training that supports safe gun use for self defense and sportsmanship, and advocating for the inalienable right to self-defense for African Americans.

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Safety, Education, Training, Self-Defense & Advocacy


Meet our team! We are citizens of Huntsville and surrounding Madison County, Alabama.  We are concerned that African Americans remain responsible fire arms use and we are 2nd amendment advocates. We promote and support firearms education, training, safety and advocacy for and by African Americans, as well as all citizens of our nation.


The North Alabama region is serviced by the Rocket City Gun Club Chapter of NAAGA, the regional chapter provides training that will provide nationally recognized certifications and life saving techniques, access to resources such as: discounted ammunition, access to outdoor training facilities, gunsmith services, as well as the additional peace of mind that comes with the confidence gained from having trained and capable allies working alongside you.

Hello RCGC family,

I’m here to bring you great news as a RCGC member. Bullet and Barrel will be our new indoor home range for RCGC. Bullet and Barrel has graciously offered membership perks to RCGC members only that we can use. Here are a list of the benefits:

1. Every 2nd Thursday of each month, we will be using Blackstone Hall for our meeting space at B&B.

2. On meeting days, RCGC members can shoot for $10 between the hours of 4pm to 6pm for 1 hour.

3. Tuesdays and Wednesdays RCGC members may shoot for $10. Keep in mind that one Tuesday every month is free shooting for women. If you are a service member, first responder or anyone in that field, you can shoot for free any Wednesday. These discounts does not include 100 yard tunnels.

4. On meeting day RCGC members can receive 50% off of B&B T shirts and Hats.

These discounts are some of the perks that only RCGC members will receive. One thing I need all members to do is to go ahead and fill out the waiver to have on their record before going there to shoot. You can do this at https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5ac2787776bee/web/

This is major for our gun club. So make sure to reach out to people and let them know what is going on with RCGC!

“Solidarity in arms, Community In Action”



Trent Bennett